Upcoming Sermon on December 28, 2014

History is filled with great stories.  Examine any story close enough and you will find the fingerprints of God all over that story.  Step back and see the story in history and you will see the unique tapestry of God’s design.  Regardless, of how we look at history, it really is HIS STORY.

This Sunday, as we wrap up this year, we want to draw our attention to the things that grabs God’s attention.  Often, we get whiplash as we follow the current events, the latest news and the stories from around the world.  However, it is often the thing we overlook that God finds valuable and significant.  Is your perspective where it needs to be?  As you look back through history or even your own experiences, do you find clues leading you to the things God values, redirecting your life, and correct your future steps? 

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