Below is a short description of the sermon coming up this Sunday.  For previous sermons, click here.

Upcoming Sermon on May 28, 2017


Love God.  Love People.  Help people love God.  It is a simple and challenging task.  It is what we strive to do here at the Downtown Bixby Church of Christ.  Over the next few weeks we will look at different segments of our demographics; women, mothers, grads, babies, kids, men and fathers.

Someone once said that babies are God’s opinion that the world should could go on.  This Sunday we recognize and celebrate the numerous blessings of little ones God has sent our way.  When we see children as a blessing from the Lord, we see that we, too, are a blessing.  We see we come from the Lord.  And we should see that it is privilege and responsibility to pass that on to the next generation.


Psalm 127:3 –

Children are a gift from the Lord.”