Youth Ministry

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Here at Downtown Bixby Church of Christ we have an active Youth Ministry of 20-30 students that constantly seeks to grow closer to one another while growing closer to God. We do not believe that the Youth are our future but rather that our Youth are the here-and-now, just as capable of growth and goodness in the world as anyone else. We seek to empower our Youth to love God, love people, and help people love God. 

In the Youth Group we are studying the Sermon on the Mount on Sunday mornings to see how Jesus commands his followers to live a life for God. Then on Wednesday evenings we are studying the concept of a “τέλειος life” seen in the book of James. A life that is made perfect, whole, and complete through Christ.

We believe in training the Youth to minister to one another as well as ministering to the world. We seek to be missionaries in  the schools and in the community. We want to be a light to the world, and just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, we seek to reflect the light of Christ into this world. 

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