Youth Ministry

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Here at Downtown Bixby Church of Christ we have an active Youth Ministry of 15-20 students that constantly seeks to grow closer to one another while growing closer to God. We do not believe that the Youth are our future but rather that our Youth are the here-and-now, just as capable of growth and goodness in the world as anyone else. We seek to empower our Youth to love God, love people, and help people love God.


We want to focus in two main areas of growth.

1. Discipleship

  • Bible Knowledge. Grow in your knowledge and understanding of the bible.
  • Commitment. Discover Jesus and fully commit your life to him.
  • Daily Walk. Learn to faithfully walk daily with Jesus and glorify him.
  • Personal Ministry. Learn to serve others with love and compassion.

2. Relationship

  • Building. Connect with students and adults in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Trips. Establish friendships, feel like a part of the family, and begin to trust others with his/her heart.
  • In Homes. Feel safe enough to deeply trust others and open up your heart without fear of judgment.
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