Bible classes are offered every Sunday morning and Wednesday night for all ages.  

Kingdom Kids

Nursery:  Our littlest children are learning that God loves us and Jesus is His Son. Singing and playing are the best ways for these little ones to learn.

2s-3s:  The two- and three-year old class is using ABC’s of the Bible to learn about all kinds of Bible stories and people.

4s-5s-K:  Our 4-5-K class begins with Creation and highlights various events and people throughout the whole Bible in a two-year study.  They also work to learn the books of the Bible, the Fruit of the Spirit, the 10 plagues, the 10 Commandments, and various memory verses.

1st-6th:  Our elementary/intermediate students are involved in a rotation-style class on Sunday mornings using games, art, storytelling and drama to bring the Bible to life.  Each month, a new Bible story is presented in different ways to include all learning styles.  On Wednesday nights, our kids are involved in a variety of topical studies like the Fruit of the Spirit, Draw Your Sword (a study of the whole Bible), and the Armor of God.  We also spend time learning how to use our Bibles so we can look things up for ourselves and read and study on our own.

Youth Group

Youth Classes: The youth group class consists of students in 7-12th grades.  They meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday night for Bible study and devotional time.