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Upcoming Sermon on October 22, 2017

Priority Though priority is not a word found in the New Testament, Jesus demonstrates that he had a priority scale in his life.  From an early age he showed that being about his Father’s business outweighed the priorities of family and culture. In the life of Jesus, time and time again, he demonstrates that loving […]

Upcoming Sermon on October 15, 2017

Worship At the very heart of worship there are five great things that happens.  First the connection with the Almighty.  The connection with fellow believers.  The desire to learn and grow.  Sensing opportunities to serve and the desire to share your joy.  Focus on just one and the church will stray.  Leave out one and […]

Upcoming Sermon on October 8, 2017

Service The first goal the elders have set for our congregation is to “Create an expectation and desire within the church family for service.” That’s a tall order!  The idea, I’m sure you’d agree, is important.  The idea of service is definitely in alignment with God’s Word.  Yet service is a something some Christians try […]