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Upcoming Sermon on March 18, 2018

With a Kiss The name Judas carries such strong negative feelings.  Today I read of a close friend who had confided in an older man only to learn the older man didn’t keep the story to himself.  My friend was quick to refer to the older gentleman as “Judas”.  Judas, though two thousand years ago, […]

Upcoming Sermon on March 4, 2018

Life with JESUS Join us for a look at two significant Biblical characters; one light, the other in the shadows.  Jesus and Judas.  Have you ever stopped to think why would Judas would commit such a heinous act?  Once a follower, now traitor.  The fall of Judas reveals the tragic truth of mankind.  We are […]

Upcoming Sermon on Feb 25, 2018

Babel You’ve never seen a Bible story like this, though you’ve probably heard it before.  There is something distinct in this one.  It is missing something.  Yet, you know it belongs among the often-told stories of the Bible.  The Tower of Babel tells a story for all to hear.  The familiar point in this story […]